Phonics interactive Education™ is the direct derivative online version of the highly successful Smart Way Reading and Spelling® foolproof phonics™ tutoring methodology, The Gold Standard of Phonics Programs™.

The Smart Way Reading™ and Phonics interactive Education programs have assisted thousands of students, of all ages and from every walk of life, to better their decoding skills and reading ability, while also increasing their confidence and self-esteem. Typical results show that, on average, students move from the 25th Percentile (for their age) to the 50th Percentile, in about 35 hours. In other words, from well below to right at their age level in reading proficiency.

There are 27 lessons in the full program, though students typically only study the specific lessons identified by the course-specific decoding assessment. Most of the lessons vary between one and two-and-one-half hours to complete, depending upon the age of the student and his/her current decoding skills and reading ability.

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“Students are miraculously transformed from initially being hesitant, intimidated,
and mostly embarrassed to students that are amazingly confident
and successful readers.” – AF, Educator and Tutor