With a computer and an Ethernet or wireless connection to the internet, Phonics interactive Education™ is perhaps the most effective to teach your child (or children) to effectively read English.

There are myriad phonics programs available today. Some are free. Some cost money. Some promote games and gimmicks to convince you that your child will be able to read. In the end, only results matter and that is what Phonics interactive Education provides.

The systematic and explicit Smart Way Reading program is fully research-based and follows Orton-Gillingham principles. In addition, Smart Way Reading has an independent evidence-based research study showing extremely positive results.

Following two years of development and after several years of use, the Smart Way Reading foolproof phonics™ methodology (in a flip-chart format) was transformed into the online Phonics interactive Education (PiE) program. The online version not only fully engages students but, more importantly, effectively teaches them to read, while building their confidence and self-esteem.

As a direct derivative work, PiE is also structured, sequential and cumulative utilizing a multisensory approach (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) to learning that totally aligns to the five elements identified by the National Reading Panel as essential to instruct people of all ages to learn to read effectively: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension.

There is no substitute for being able to read.

Therefore, one should use the best possible means to ensure that children achieve that goal. The PiE method truly is The Gold Standard of Phonics Programs™ because it works, simply and effectively. There is a YouTube link to the left that provides a short segment of a tutoring session using PiE.

* * *

“This program has given me the knowledge to be a better student. It has improved my vocabulary as well as my writing skills.” – TB, 9th grade student