Online Phonics Education

Online Phonics Education

Maximizing Technology to Teach Reading Skills

The highly-successful Smart Way Reading™ methodology and The Sounds of English™ CD and flash card program are offered online as direct derivative works.

English Alphabet & Sounds instruction™ (EASi™), the derivative of Sounds of English, introduces the 46 phonemes (speech sounds) in isolation and in text and teaches anyone the unique sounds that the letters and letter combinations of the English language can make. It is designed for beginning readers, remedial education, English Learners and English as a Foreign Language students.

Phonics interactive Education™ (PiE™), Smart Way Reading’s online version, is a highly-effective learning system for beginning, remedial and intervention reading and spelling programs. It is a systematic and explicit phonics program – based on Orton-Gillingham principles – and is modeled after the Congressionally-commissioned National Reading Panel report on how best to effectively teach reading skills to people of any age.

The “computer” actually guides and directs the student through each of the 27 lessons. A tutor, or mentor, is always nearby as the student is directed to complete various activities with the tutor, such as explaining what a word or sentence means. Additonally, the tutor is present when the student takes the Skills Review at the end of each lesson. A benefit of the online version is that one tutor can comfortably guide and direct, at the same time, three to five students, each of whom are moving at their own pace, and studying their own lesson.

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“These lessons are fun. Two trimesters were really difficult. My grades were bad.
But this trimester I have A’s and B’s and, guess what, NO F’s.
Yaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” – EK, 5th grade student

”I’ve noticed the students are engaged…they seem motivated and enthusiastic about
learning to read and write.” – MY, Teacher and Tutor